Piano, Clarinet, 

Saxophone, Flute, 

& Music Theory

Alice Haylock Music Tuition

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Instruments & Music Theory

Hourly rate: £29.00 (£15.00 for 30 minutes) paid per lesson


Quarterly rate: £232.00 (£120.00 for 30 minute lessons) paid every 12 weeks in September, December, March and June. This figure covers possible student or teacher absences and preparation of material between lessons. In the case of absence, lessons will be made up where possible (at the discretion of the teacher) but no refunds will be made. 


Music GCSE - £29 / hour

Music A Level - £32 / hour

I am happy to answer any further questions about fees.


Testimonials: Feedback from Current & Past Students

"Thank you so much for your tuition, it clearly made all the difference!"

Parent of Fiona, 18, A Level Music student (upon getting into her first choice university)

"My Daughter has been learning the Piano with Alice Haylock for the past year and I'm delighted with her progress..."

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